Private Hay Fever Injections Birmingham

Coming to Oakley Medical Practice for a private hay fever injection can alleviate the distressing symptoms that often come with spring. If you’re grappling with hay fever symptoms, schedule a consultation with our medical professionals. Following a comprehensive evaluation, our team can offer a private hay fever injection, designed to relieve your symptoms.

Hay fever Injection Birmingham

If you’re suffering from an itchy nose and eyes, running nose and sneezing, you may need a hay fever injection in Birmingham. The symptoms of hay fever can be at best annoying and at worst, debilitating. If there is something you can do to relieve the symptoms, why wouldn’t you?

Hay fever injections are corticosteroid injections given to treat severe symptoms of hay fever. Once administered, the steroid injection offers relief from symptoms by reducing the immune system’s overreaction to pollen and other allergens.

  • One hay fever injection can reduce the symptoms for the entire season (up to three months)
  • The hay fever injection does not travel through the digestive system or the liver
  • Cost-effective compared to over-the-counter treatments and methods

Reduce and suppress symptoms

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