Alcohol Dependence in Birmingham

Oakley Medical is a private GP providing alcohol dependence help in Birmingham. We work independently of NHS GPs to deliver specialised, individual treatment plans to our patients. 

We work with Paul Turner, Specialist Alcohol Treatment Nurse Prescriber at Alcohol Home Treatment. He will consult and advise you on a suitable detox programme or The Sinclair Method of treatment. 

Your course of treatment may include taking prescription-only medication to help you reduce the volume of alcohol you consume, depending on your eligibility.

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How Does Alcohol Dependency Treatment Work?

Paul Turner’s alcohol dependency treatment includes several crucial phases to ensure a successful course of treatment that eliminates your alcohol dependency.

7-Day Detoxification

The first of these steps is to undergo one week of detoxification. This involves taking a prescription drug that counteracts the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous when done without supervision. But you can rest assured that Paul will assess the level of medication appropriate for you alone and eliminate your withdrawal symptoms safely and effectively.

The medication you take during your detox is closely monitored and gradually reduced over a week to ensure a slow return to normal body function.

Vitamin Readjustment and Further Medication

Vitamin deficiencies are commonly found in those with alcohol dependency, so you will be given a vitamin supplement to balance your vitamin levels.

You may also be given anti-nausea medication and seizure-preventative medicines.

Can Alcohol Dependency Treatment be Done at Home?

Depending on your living arrangement and general health circumstances, it is possible to complete your detox at home. However, if you experience alcohol-related health problems, you may have to undergo detoxification treatment in a hospital.

What is The Sinclair Method of Treatment?

The Sinclair Method, in essence, is all about retraining the brain to disassociate pleasure from alcohol consumption. This disconnect is aided by prescription medication which blocks the good feelings you get from drinking and encourages your brain to view drinking as unpleasurable.

This method has been highly successful in helping thousands of people reduce their alcohol dependency.

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