Private Wart Removal in Birmingham

The NHS no longer offers treatments for warts and verrucae and at-home remedies can have varying levels of efficiency. But private wart removal in a controlled, professional GP environment offers fast, simple and effective results in just a few short sessions. 

Oakley Medical employs the Swift system to treat skin lesions, including warts and verrucae. It uses microwave energy to treat the affected tissue and permanently remove the infected skin cells.

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Verruca Removal in Birmingham

The Swift system is one of the best ways to achieve complete verruca removal in Birmingham. This revolutionary machine delivers a highly controlled energy dose to the treatment area using a special probe that stimulates your immune response. This response kills the virus that produces warts and verrucae, unlike other treatment methods that only impact the lesion.

What Should I Know About the Swift Treatment?

The first thing you should know about the Swift system is that results are most visible and effective after 3-4 sessions, depending on the age of the lesion. Your session won’t last longer than a few minutes. The probe is only placed on each treatment area five times, for two seconds at once.

Although the Swift verruca removal treatment doesn’t hurt, the sensation of it can feel similar to an injection or pinch and be mildly uncomfortable. Fortunately, this discomfort subsides quickly and prolonged pain post-treatment is very rare.

Subsequent sessions after your first should be attended 4-6 weeks later to ensure the virus doesn’t spread further and to allow lesions time to fully heal from the procedure.

The affected area may appear improved between 2-4 weeks after your first treatment but this does not mean the lesion is healed. You may still need to complete a full treatment course to properly kill the virus.

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If you have any of the following things, the Swift treatment may be unsuitable for you, but not impossible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak to a specialist, who will advise you on what to do next.

  • Metal pins, plates or replacement joints.
  • A pacemaker.
  • Neuropathy or poor peripheral circulation.
  • Poor or limited healing capacity.
  • Immune suppression.
  • A low pain threshold.
  • You’re breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • The patient is below the age of 10.

To book an appointment at Oakley Medical for verruca removal in Birmingham, please use the contact form on our website or give us a call.

Treatment is quick and easy. The probe is placed on each treatment area several times for a few seconds. Generally, treatment won’t last any longer than a few minutes.

Treatments will be 4-6 weeks apart.

You may start to see an improvement after 2-4 weeks following your first treatment. The results will not be immediate. A full course will be required for complete removal.

Like many treatments for skin lesions, some minor discomfort may be experienced. It is not uncommon for patients to feel a sharp pinching sensation during treatment.

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